Thursday, December 22, 2016

Top Ten Reasons for Voting for Donald Trump

Based on "conversations" with Trump voters, these are the Top Ten reasons motivating their action. There are more reasons, but they quickly get repetitive and corollary after these ten.

  1. President Obama is Black.
  2. Hillary Clinton is female.
  3. Straight, white, Protestant males are no longer just automatically in charge.
  4. My feelings are hurt because people who know more than I do about history, economics, and public policy don't agree with me.
  5. All the good manufacturing jobs left my town, so I'm going to keep sending back to Washington the same kind of union-busting, big-corporation fatcats who enabled this in the first place.
  6. Trump will stop the brown people who are swarming over the border to go on Welfare and take our jobs.
  7. Obama/Clinton took/are taking/will take our guns.
  8. God wants Trump to make America Christian again.
  9. Trump will undo the evil Obama order allowing men to enter women's restrooms to commit heinous acts.
  10. The government should be run like a business.

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