Monday, December 19, 2016

Women's Marches 21 Jan

On Saturday, January 21st, a series of Women's Marches will take place to raise awareness of the rights and concerns of women and minorities. These efforts are being organized in response to Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric, which "insulted, demonized, and threatened many of us - immigrants of all statuses, Muslims and those of diverse religious faiths, people who identify as LGBTQIA, Native people, Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, survivors of sexual assault." Participation is open to "any person, regardless of gender or gender identity, who believes women’s rights are human rights."

The march on D.C. is calling itself the Women's March on Washington (WMW). Many sister marches are using similar names. Sister marches are now expected in cities around the U.S., and some other countries as well. Many of the marches are already well organized, with routes, schedules, permits, and travel coordination. A few are still working on the basics.

Much of the information interested participants need is available on Facebook pages and a few websites. 

The Facebook page of the Women's March on Washington is:

The website for the Women's March on Washington is:

That website has links to sister marches that will be taking place in cities around the country and the world. The list of links is at:

I'm putting permanent links to these on my blog page at  

All of this assumes, of course, that a majority of the Electoral College will vote for Trump today (19 Dec), and that the vote will be confirmed by Congress on January 6th. Both of these now seem unavoidable.

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