Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Some of those Pesky Facts

    In the new world of “alternative” facts, it is worth remembering some of the undeniable facts of which conservatives and Republicans so often disapprove:
  • The government of the United States is divided into three equal powers; the judiciary is NOT just a rubber stamp for Congress or the President. 
  • Running a large country and economy is complicated, and doing it well requires real knowledge and experience. 
  • Republicans don’t actually know anything more than anybody else does about business or public finance. 
  • Among wealthier and more developed economies, socialized medicine is normal; the U.S. is a rare exception. 
  • Budget deficits matter. 
  • Cutting taxes does NOT raise revenue. 
  • It is the nature of unregulated Capitalism to produce economic instability in the form of alternating cycles of boom and bust. 
  • Corporations cannot always be trusted to be good citizens. 
  • Most U.S. manufacturing jobs did not go “offshore;” they were eliminated globally by automation. 
  • Jobs that pay well generally require employees with higher levels of education. 
  • Charter schools and vouchers don’t automatically provide children with a better education. 
  • The vast majority of undocumented immigrants come here to work. 
  • U.S. laws and government are NOT based on the Bible; nothing even vaguely resembling a constitutional republic, universal suffrage, trial by jury, or a Bill of Rights can be found there. 
  • The United States was consciously designed to be a secular state. 
  • Neither scientific facts nor the scientific method change with political party. 
  • Global warming is real and is caused to a large degree by human activity. 
  • The most effective means for reducing abortion is to make sure everyone has affordable access to birth control and has medically accurate sexual education before puberty. 
  • No, the nuclear family is not a universal aspect of all cultures in all times. 
  • It is natural and normal for human populations to contain many variations within the categories of sex, gender, and sexuality. 
  • Much of what you think you know about gender, race and ethnicity is an arbitrary fantasy invented by the culture in which you grew up.

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