Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Is Kobach a Perfect Fit?

Two unsettling characteristics DJT has continually displayed are his undying and irrepressible love of himself and the lengths he goes through to defend every action, and every word to a fault; and his childish propensity to fantastic conspiracy theories and distrust of mainstream rationality. His current political career was launched with the birther theory soon after Obama’s election, for example; and the wild accusation that Muslims were “celebrating in the streets of Jersey” after 9/11 is clearly a figment of his imagination, but one that he would never come to own as fiction.

Will these disturbing parts of the Trump personality and psyche continue to be perpetual motion cogs driving, to one degree or another, his real time policies and political associations, and —Heaven or Hell forbid—and snap decisions dealing with issue of war and peace?

A story in the Witchita Eagle reported on November 30 that Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, doubled down on the Trump claim that he (Trump) would have won the popular vote in the Presidential election had it not been for “illegal aliens” voting in the election. This assertion reflects a little of both of the Trumpian flaws: massaging Trump’s fragile ego at the expense of maintaining an unprovable fairy tale.

That Kobach may have used this  pronouncement as an butter-up, ass-kissing false news brief hailing the chief-to-be as a qualification of his loyalty and fitness to a job in the Trump administration beyond the temporary transition team slot he currently holds is likely. The Star-Telegram reports that a new czar-ship could be created for him, with which Trump could avoid the embarrassing rejection of the hardline anti-immigrant and possible white supremacist.

These posts are designed to stretch the powers of the presidency to extra-legal boundaries.
To add a dubious character like Kobach to a wider presidential footprint may fit quite naturally with the  Trumpian Will of self and fiction.

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