Saturday, January 14, 2017

Protests Expected to be Large on Jan 21st.

This coming Friday, January 20th, Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of these United States. Many of the millions of Americans who find this turn of history utterly barbaric will express themselves in protest marches and gatherings across the country, especially on Saturday, January 21st.

The largest of the protests will undoubtedly be the Women's March on Washington (, now an amalgamated response by many groups and open to any participants believing in the dignity and equality of all. Today The Guardian reported that the "Women's March on Washington [is] set to be one of America's biggest protests." Roughly 200 different groups will participate, including individuals likely to number in the hundreds of thousands.  At the same time some 300 supporting marches will take place in all 50 states and in 30 other countries, The Guardian reports. Most of the local marches are listed on a page of the D.C. march's website.

In the town of this blogger's residence, the Women's March New Orleans will start at 1 PM in Washington Square Park, 700 Elysian Fields Avenue.

Chosing to attend or not attend a protest march is, of course, a personal matter. This particular set of protests is important and worthy of consideration by anyone so inclined. We must remind Trump and his minions that their divisive and discriminatory words and actions are deeply resented by millions of Americans.

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