Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Empire's New Threats

Interesting editorial by José Padrón González, a priest and social activist, in today's (4 Jan) edition of La Jornada (Mexico). He says Mexico is facing a new threat from the empire (meaning the United States). He writes:
With great surprise and incredulity we unhappily witnessed the triumph, as they call it, of pomposity and arrogance, of hatred and racism personified by a business magnate, the truest representation of the most powerful imperialism. And the whole world shook. What's next, we all wonder.
(Con gran sorpresa e incredulidad vimos descontentos cómo triunfó, según dijeron, la elección de la prepotencia y la soberbia, del odio y del racismo en la persona de un magnate, el más fiel representante del imperialismo más poderoso. Y se sacudió el mundo entero. ¿Qué viene ahora?, nos preguntamos todos.)
He calls on Mexico to improve its social justice internally, as a response to what he sees as increasing insults and threats to the nation of Mexico and to Mexican nationals living in the United States.

If your Spanish is up to it, see:

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