Saturday, January 14, 2017

Protecting the Press

As the Fourth Estate goes, so goes the power of the people. If there were only one thing (there are many) that de-legitimizes Trumpism, it's Agent Orange's outright attacks and more subtle techniques used to inhibit free expression and criticism in the public domain. He has and will continue to use the term "fake news"—a term, ironically, coined during the latter stages of the campaign to refer to the specious stories circulating on social media discrediting his opponents: an old Breitbart trick—against any and all revealing stories unfavorable to him. 
His goals as leader are doubtless centered around the all-encompassing ideal of blowing his own praises as self-evident in his promotion to this job: I got this job because I am great; getting this job proves it. A free and independent press will assure that he will be spending much of his time covering his own shitty tracks. 
Support the press, local and national. Buy a subscription—it costs to keep it going—and don't be dependent on others to do it. It may be the best investment one can make right now.

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